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In most cases our fees can be paid for out of one of your existing super funds.*

Find My Super

Are you trying to find your super?

Have you lost track of some of your superannuation because you have changed jobs, changed addresses or changed names?

Often, a change of jobs means a change of super funds.  Many people forget to consolidate their super accounts after job changes.

The average Australian is estimated to have three super accounts.

If you lose track of your superannuation fund (or if they lose track of you) then eventually the money gets transferred into holding funds and are reported to the ATO as “lost”.

Super is typically transferred into an ERF (Eligible Rollover Fund) when a member changes jobs and their super fund loses track of them.
Besides the $5bn sitting in ERFs, there is an estimated $10bn sitting in inactive accounts in regular superannuation funds.




So are you asking “How do I find my super?” - let us help you get started now